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Critical and Creative Thinking from Minds Wide Open

Teach your students to think for themselves


Love the concept! Already implementing the program! Kids love it and I have already seen a change in them!
— Vicki Rhodes, Stage 2 Teacher, Jamisontown PS
I thoroughly enjoyed the CCT course and have not stopped talking about how wonderful, useful and inspiring it was. I have done a lot of Professional Learning courses and can honestly say this was the best and most valuable course for students’ learning that I have attended.
— Leonie Dufty, Teacher/Librarian, Lugarno PS

What is Critical and Creative Thinking?

Critical and Creative Thinking (CCT) is for teaching students to think for themselves and be more resilient. CCT helps prepare them with skills, strategies and dispositions.


“Critical and creative thinking are integral to activities that require students to think broadly and deeply using skills, behaviours and dispositions such as reason, logic, resourcefulness, imagination and innovation in all learning areas at school and in their lives beyond school.”


"Whereas creative thinking tries to create something new, critical thinking seeks to assess the worth or validity in something that already exists."


CCT Venn Diagram

This Venn diagram was originally created by James Phelps and has now gone viral, literally helping the world define the genre of Critical and Creative Thinking.

Why teach Critical and Creative Thinking?

What skills will our current crop of students need to develop over their thirteen years of schooling to be employable in 2030? Students will need to be particularly strong in these areas:


Critical thinking and judgement

Science and maths


Strategic and creative thinking

Verbal communication and interpersonal skills


We are Minds Wide Open. Future-focused PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROVIDERS and specialist future-focused classroom resource creators.

We teach you how to teach your students to think for themselves! Once students have that skill, they are set for life - all learning in all areas becomes turbocharged!!!!

Much has been said about the need to use CCT to develop well rounded students. Content from this TPL was from a teacher for teachers. Not a policy maker with no teaching experience.
— Stage 3 Teacher, NSW