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Really fun work, lots of creativity and autonomy, well paid. Most importantly, your work could help us change the world for the better... I'll explain further down.


I'm CEO of Minds Wide Open and what we do is teacher teaches how to teach critical and creative thinking and how to integrate it into regular class subjects as well as a stand alone subject. We've reached a point where we've trained about 1 in 30 primary teachers in nsw... We're aiming for one day 1 in 5.

What we need a coworker for is to help write a script for an animation video which will help teachers (and parents) understand the importance of our mission... Kids who are in school today will enter a disruptive workforce, jobs will be replaced, redeveloped, removed and of course invented... How do you teach for a future where you don't know what the students will need for the future? We've got that covered but it's pretty hard to tell people that and then believe you.


"When you talk about jobs, what create jobs in the knowledge economy is ideas!"
Dr Micheal Spence
Vice chancellor of the university of Sydney


Creative thinking is at the heart of all problem solving, evolving and harmony of life, critical thinking is at the heart refining, articulating and efficiency... Doesn't matter what job you have, all these things matter in some capacity.

Can you teach someone for a job that doesn't exist yet? Yes you can, and as a copywriter you'll help us articulate this in a fun and educational way. We already have plenty of possible paths to go down on themes, points and conclusions and happy to integrate with your ideas and possibilities.


“The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.” ― Robert Greene.

We're looking to changing how we teach our kids in school for the future... so will you help us? Reply, PM or email if you are serious about doing some writing for us.


If you wanna read more about what they are thinking is going to happen to our workforce...

Rethinking tradition in schools


STAGE 2: The Paid Trial


Good news, if you're reading this you're a finalist and you all get a small paid job before getting the big paid job. I've had a wonderful response from people who I know their work well and those who I don't but this is the opportunity to show your stuff in this genre. I could be wrong but I feel some people like the idea of doing this project, but the reality of the work will make you lose interest...  Let's find out.

The paid trial, $50 flat price.

Do a 30 sec script (give or take 50% swing) theme as a taste tester $50 pick your date of completion up to 2 weeks (24th May)

This writing will probably be used in a Facebook ad as text at some point, or help us in general with how we communicate with our target audiences.

30sec is a radio term as that's my experience,  but I don't know what that is as a word count,  but either way,  the point is it doesn't have to be long,  you choose the length, but that's a guide.

Use the main brief to help guide the '30 sec version' 


STAGE 3: The brief.

There will be one main script,  but two different endings. The script will be voiced and animated. Length is up to you,  if it's engaging the entire time,  length is irrelevant.

  1. Primary Target audience.  Teachers,  principals, people working in education.
  2. Secondary target audience.  Parents of students

The objective is to entertain and to move our target audiences (teachers,  leaders of schools and parents) to want to teach critical and creative thinking and integrate it into their regular classroom routine. Here are several videos and articles as to why we need to and why it's important.  To sum up,  it's teaching kids to think for themselves. To have life skills to problem solve,  reflect,  communicate and improve themselves,  others and the world in general. As a copywriter,  if you don't think that's important personally,  I'd rather you not on the project.

I have thought of insane amounts of ideas as to how to make people believe it's important AND THEN ACT ON IT...  It's so easy to just teach to the test,  but that's not how the world works,  we're teaching kids for a disruptive world where jobs will come and go depending on the economy and technology.

Here's some general vague ideas I've had in no particular order...

  • Future proofing - talking about the past, present and future and the pros and cons
  • History - a history lesson where it's demonstrated how creative and critical thinking changed the world - talk about a time line of mans achievements
  • The fear angle - the negative consequences if change doesn't start happening now.
  • Fun/novel - the idea that you can actually learn while having fun
  • From the point of view of a teacher - wanting a class/their students to do well but their students are bored/lack the skills to think for themselves
  • The contrast of old boring school to new, exciting and relevant school, skills actually needed, not stuff which you can google/wiki
  • Nonsense - the idea of the piece being so creative and engaging - like Alice in wonder land or cat in a hat
  • Poetry/Diary - the emotions of either the kid growing up in a disruptive world or a teacher who watches their students struggle in a modern world
  • A story - create a character or two - showing the different paths one with and one without creative thinking
  • The latest new thing - maybe it's just something cool, something which is 'just what everyone is doing, so you should too'
  • empathising with the pain of modern teaching - where they are powerless in a terrible system - but this is there one way out for them and their students (this is actually true and happy to tell you why this is the case upon request)

These are just some themes, ideas, but you may have your own and go down a different path. I encourage you to ask lots of questions, especially about the soul of the business, why we do what we do... which in a basic two points

  • Kids can think for themselves which will set them up for all areas in life no matter what they choose or how society changes
  • Taking away effort for teachers, genuinely saving them time, effort and giving them the enjoyment of teaching again, without having to 'take control of a class' they can have true engagement from their students without having to fight with the kids and the system each day


For the end of the animation (regardless of the theme you choose)The punchline will always be to 'if you want to act - go here' in this case minds wide open,  however we will have a 'viral' version which doesn't have it pointing to our brand, it's just a 'we need to do this and act now' kind of ending.

Don't think of it like an ad,  think of it as a social call to arms,  a wake up call - find ways to touch personally on people,  both fear and empowerment.

I strongly suggest spending time on getting into this world,  it is all on the clock, or is factored into the agreed price so take some time to 'know' the situation.




Please don't literally use those words as the punchline. none of this should be spelt out, it should all come into the mind of the watcher, feeling like they figured it out on there own, not told.


Stage 4: Creating


Once you've been picked, i'll work with you as much as possible and as fast as possible to help with your ideas and problems you might be facing, such as understanding a particular aspect, or trying to hit home a point. I will also work with you regarding the voice over artist and your opinion on the animation if you so choose. This concept could go anywhere really depending on your style and your thoughts on which aspects are important, so i'll work to your strengths and passions as opposed to me telling you what to do - you are paid to be the creative genius you are - not just a junior pressing spell check lolz



The nuts and bolts of employment.

In this start up,  I love to have win-wins,  I love free will,  I love stress free and autonomy!

Estimated Price for job: $500.

The base rate is $25 an hour as this could take considerable time to get it 'beautifully right' it's budgeted for 20 hours - so $500 ... but read on as to why this isn't fixed.

All jobs/tasks have three categories.

quick, cheap,  good. You may pick any two you like.

  • So if it's quick and cheap,  output doesn't have to be great,  just getting the job done.
  • If it's cheap and good,  you can choose your own date of completion and take your time,  work around you.
  • If it's good and quick,  we will pay you well but we expect speed, accuracy and our project to be highest priority.

After picking your two,  put in your desired price for the completed work or hourly rate and date of delivery.  If you pick an option which isn't 'quick' this date can be changed whenever you like.


To be filled out after the trial  - or if you wish to skip the paid trial, fill in now, and wait for the result.

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