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Completing the course Creativity and Critical Thinking: Key Competencies for the 21st Century will contribute 3 hours of Quality Teaching Council registered PD addressing 3.3.2 and 6.2.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher accreditation in NSW. All other Australian teachers can claim these hours through their state authority as “teacher-identified PD”.

More of my students are taking ownership of their work. Some students are reaching a point of becoming very independent, confident and creative individuals.
— Year 6 teacher
Having been immersed in a rich sequence of thinking skills and dispositions, students are now generating more ideas and critically evaluating their value.
— 5/6 Teacher

Students are becoming more open minded and adventurous in their learning, and approach tasks with more flexibility. Students are developing patience and persistence with challenging tasks. I have noticed an increase in the ability to make connections during learning, and understand learning as a ubiquitous construct.
— Year 5 teacher
I think the kids like the structure and process. It’s so amazing hearing the students talking about their own thinking.
— Year 4 teacher

It assists students in sorting out and organising their thinking processes and to articulate their plans and ideas.
— Year 3 teacher
My students now have a predictable scaffold around solving problems. They are beginning to use this independently when faced with a problem. Rather than coming directly to me, they employ the strategies of working out the problem: brainstorming, deciding on the best option, planning, doing, thinking about what they have done.
— Year 2 teacher

They take ownership and are starting to use their mistakes as learning opportunities.
— K/1 teacher
The acquisition of CCT dispositions is becoming more and more visible in all K-6 students and has positively impacted their approach to learning tasks.
— K-6 RFF Teacher


Australian Curriculum Linked Professional Learning and Resources

Creativity and critical thinking: Key competencies for the 21st Century is for busy primary & middle school teachers who want a straightforward way to develop skills in their students for Project-Based Learning / Inquiry-Based Learning, creative problem solving, Contemporary and 21st Century Learning.

This CCT online course will teach you how to implement the Critical and Creative Thinking component of the Australian Curriculum General Capabilities in your classroom teaching program.

Upon completion of the online course, you will receive classroom resources and lesson guides, curated into a simple 3 step program valued at $1200, but you get for FREE!



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Captain Disposition
This course is not bogged down in the research/theory. Really practical ideas which can then transfer into our classrooms.
— C Eldridge, Year 5 teacher, Canberra
A great balance of evidence-based research and practical ideas to implement into the classroom which I feel confident in taking back to my students.
— Year 4 teacher, Floraville Public School
The resources that were provided were excellent. Being able to take the course’s content and see the resources at the end [of the course] and implement straight away was fantastic. Unusual for an online course to provide such resources!
— Elizabeth Tulloch, Baulkham Hills North Public School
I have already implemented Captain Disposition and the CCT Crunches into my Year 6 class. The kids are really responding positively and they love the songs!!
— Teacher, Wallsend South Primary School
Coloured Thinking Caps
CCT Crunches
Really well delivered – all concepts explained well and used a variety of means to do so.
— Mel Brown, Bachelor of Education Student, Charles Sturt University
Love the take away tools – things for us to take back to our school and hopefully implement as a whole school approach.
— Kelsey Willott, Stage 2 Teacher
Aus Curriculum CCT capability MWO


Take as long as you like to complete



Q: How can I engage my students more and deepen their learning?

A: Teach them to think critically and creatively.


Q: How can I find best pedagogy and practice for teaching critical and creative thinking when I don’t have time to do the research?

A: This course has done all that for you.


Q: Where can I find good classroom resources to help me teach critical and creative thinking?

A: We provide everything you need. For free!


Q: How can I teach these skills to my students when there is no spare time in the school day?

A: We show you how to integrate CCT into your classroom routines and programs - without taking time away from other important learning!


Q: How much is the course?

A: $199 per enrolment. There are discounts for bulk enrolments CLICK HERE


Q: Can I get PL hours from this course to put towards maintaining my accreditation?

A:  Yes. Upon completion of the course you are provided with documented evidence of three hours of professional learning aligned to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.


Q: How can I be sure that this course will change the way my students think and learn?

A: That's understandable, there's a lot of hype and rubbish out there, so don't take our word for it. Here are testimonials from a Sydney school after implementing the Minds Wide Open CCT program: